Steve Alstrom, Owner of ASCO Restoration

I spent the first 18 years of my life on a farm located in Decatur County Kansas before getting into roofing Council Bluffs Iowa. I attended grade school in a one room country school that had one teacher for all eight grades. There were 23 kids in the entire school, and on occasion, I did ride my horse to school. Upon graduating the 8th grade I attended high school at Decatur Community High School in Oberlin, Kansas. I participated in various athletic programs such as football, wrestling and track. Upon graduation from DCHS I attended college on a wrestling scholarship. I graduated from Fort Hays State University with a degree in Bachelor of Science degree in geology. After college I went to work in the oil business and enjoyed that work experience very much. Due to the downturn in oil price I was forced out of the oil industry and spent the next few years working as an environmental geologist and working toward my master’s in environmental engineering. After a few years of dealing with the governmental agencies that dictated environmental policy I left that profession. It was then that I got started working in the construction industry. I first started working for a general contractor and selling building projects. I started my own company in 1997 and have been selling and managing projects ever since that time. I enjoy the process of upgrading and updating homes and buildings. Providing roofing Council Bluffs Iowa for the community that I call home. I find it very enjoyable to be able to help people live in a house that they have dreamed about.

Why I Got Into the Business

There is no real mystery as to why I got into the construction business. It was my need to make money and I found that roofing Council Bluffs Iowa was a great way to do that while also serving the community. After my years of experience in the oil industry and my experience with building petroleum production facilities it seemed to be a good fit. Construction projects all seem to have the same pattern. The planning segment, the buildout, and the wrap up are all similar. I found that I had an aptitude for the business of construction, and I enjoyed the process of making something out of nothing. Later, in my journey through the learning process of building and remodeling I discovered that I enjoyed the remodeling more than the new construction. Also, after a couple of short-term jobs with different remodeling companies I found that I enjoyed the interaction with the customers during the sales process, and that I had a knack of understanding what they wanted even though they could only verbalize it. I developed a consultative sales approach that most of my customers seem to like. However, when I was working for these other companies, I had no control over the finished product. I wanted to have a say as to the quality of work that went into the roofing Council Bluffs Iowa. That is why I went into business for myself and formed my own company. Along with the fact that during the process of remodeling a house or building I find that it is enjoyable to make improvements that make a difference in people’s lives.

Vision for the Business

I started doing business as ASCO Restoration Services with the hope that I could bring a little quality into an industry that seemed to be focused only on the profit. That has been the idea since I first conceived the idea of my own company. The motto that we came up with is “Quality that you expect at a reasonable price.” This is the motto that we continue to do roofing Council Bluffs Iowa under. We do our very best to give our customers a finished product that is above and beyond what they expected when they first approached us to complete the work. Our finished product is one that matches the customer’s wishes and desires. We have a vast amount of experience to draw from and we do our best to partner with our customers to give them something that is as special as they are. The vision that I see for ASCO Restoration Services is one of growths. My motto for myself personally is to get better and better every day. This is the same one that I see for the company and all of our roofing Council Bluffs Iowa jobs. Day by day in every way to get better and better and better. If the company approaches business with that frame of mind, I believe that the finished product that we deliver to our customers will continue to improve. Along with the perfecting of the finished product, our relationship with our customers will continue to improve. I guess in a nutshell the vision for the company is to continue to perform at a high standard, and to give the customer more than they bargained for during their roofing Council Bluffs Iowa project.

Past Projects

Since 1997 ASCO Restoration Services has been working with customers in the Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska Region of the United States of America. Our work has been performed successfully from Sioux City, IA on the North and as far South as Shenandoah, IA. In 2010 due to lack of roofing Council Bluffs Iowa area we traveled to work in Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming. This traveling was only a one-time event and most of our time has been spent at home working for local customers. Initially the focus of the sales process was selling replacement windows, and vinyl siding. These projects were very enjoyable and the products that we installed were of the very best quality available. We still use these products today. However, the quality has been improved over time and the warranties have improved as well. In 2008 due to the tightening of financing laws we had to shift gears and transition into doing working on stormed damaged houses. We learned to work with the insurance companies to get peoples houses and roofing Council Bluffs Iowa repaired after a weather-related incident. We have been doing roofs, siding gutters, and windows ever since. We have become a one stop shop for all types of damage relating wind, hail, and flood. During the past few years a person would be very hard pressed to find a type of storm related damage that we have not worked on. ASCO Restoration Services has performed many types of restoration services including roofing Council Bluffs Iowa that have all been geared to meet our customer’s needs.